Teacher Webpages

Attention Parents and Students: Teacher websites have moved into the Aspen Family Portal. To access a teacher’s website, you need to log into the Aspen Family Portal at https://sis.cherokee.k12.ga.us.


Once you log in, instructions on how to add each teacher’s page is located on the Aspen homepage. Both print and video instructions are available.


If you are having trouble accessing your Family Portal account, you can submit a help ticket to: parentsupport@cherokee.k12.ga.us. If you do not have a Family Portal account, you must contact the Student Records Facilitator at your local school to create an account.

 Kindergarten Information

 Kindergarten Teachers


 Ms. Susan Bucklew            Ms. Gina Cain               Ms. April Cole             Ms. Tena Corr            Ms. Jenny Harp

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  Ms. Kelly Morris          Ms. Stephanie Morrison   Ms. Karen Reynolds       Ms. Diane Roberts

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