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Welcome to the Cherokee County School District Parent Information directory.  The most commonly requested information and documents regarding our school district can be found here.  Whether you are a parent, student, a newcomer to our community, or someone considering a move to Cherokee County, we hope you can easily find the information you need.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please click the “feedback” link at the bottom of the page.




 General Information

2013 HS Summer School Programs.pdf2013 HS Summer School Programs2016 KB
2013 MS Summer School Rising Ninth Graders.pdf2013 MS Summer School Rising Ninth Graders1130 KB
2013 Summer School Options.pdf2013 Summer School Options570 KB
2013-14 Words of the Week.pdf2013-14 Words of the Week17 KB
2014-15 Words of the Week.pdf2014-15 Words of the Week152 KB
Activities_and_Athletics_Cancellation_Guidelines.pdfActivities_and_Athletics_Cancellation_Guidelines19 KB
Administrators_List.pdfAdministrators_List38 KB
Free_and_Reduced_Lunch_Application_Procedures.pdfFree_and_Reduced_Lunch_Application_Procedures15 KB
GCIC_Form.pdfGCIC_Form16 KB
KINDERGARTEN at CCSD Spanish version.pdfKINDERGARTEN at CCSD Spanish version6941 KB
Kindergarten at CCSD.pdfKindergarten at CCSD6753 KB
School Closure in Inclement Weather.pdfSchool Closure in Inclement Weather164 KB
School Directory 2013-14.pdfSchool Directory 2013-14474 KB
School Times.pdfSchool Times19 KB
School_Bus_Exiting_Guidelines-AM.pdfSchool_Bus_Exiting_Guidelines-AM49 KB
School_Bus_Loading_Guidelines-PM.pdfSchool_Bus_Loading_Guidelines-PM62 KB
Student Parking Rules-Regs (2013).pdfStudent Parking Rules-Regs (2013)16 KB
Supporting the Education of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness.pdfSupporting the Education of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness38 KB

 Board Policy Links

  IFG - Internet Acceptable Use
  JBD - Absences and Excuses
  KM- Visitors to School (Classroom Observations)

Cherokee County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices.