Superintendent’s Agenda Preparation Group

Dr. Frank R. Petruzielo, Superintendent 


Dr. Brian Hightower, Deputy Superintendent, School Operations, Programs and Support

Bobby Blount, Assistant Superintendent, Accountability, Technology, and Strategic Planning

Letitia Cline, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Programs, Student Support, and Professional Development

Candler Howell, Assistant Superintendent, Financial Management

Trey Olson, Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Management

Bill Sebring, Assistant Superintendent, Support Services and Facilities/Construction Management

Don Corr, Director, Staffing

Ron Dunnavant, Director, School Operations

Tim Feltner, Director, Technology Services/Data Communications

Charlette Green, Director, Special Education

Barbara Jacoby, Director, Public Information, Communications and Partnerships

Ken Johnson, Director, Transportation

Dr. Pat Kearns, Director, Academic Standards, Professional/Staff Development and Career Pathways

Mark Kissel, Chief of School Police

Julie Little, Director, Risk Management/Safety/Benefits

Dr. Gayle McLaurin, Director, Student Assessment

Kenneth Owen, Director, Grants Accounting, Internal Audits and Budgets

Phil ParrottDirector, Facility Construction and Planning/Forecasting

Mike Vernor, Director, School Operations

Dr. Pam Ballato, Supervisor, Special Education

Debbie Childress, Supervisor, Instructional Technology

Cathy Elliott, Supervisor, Staffing

Dr. Leslie Lewis, Supervisor, Staffing

Mike McGowan, Supervisor, Strategic Planning

Jackie Miller, Supervisor, Professional Development

Shannon Nolan, Supervisor, Purchasing

Dr. Susan Ritchie, Supervisor, Special Education

Susan Turner, Supervisor, Food Service

Steve Werner, Supervisor, Construction

Mitch Hamilton, Coordinator, Planning and Forecasting

Teresa Henry, Coordinator, Federal Programs

Carrie McGowan, Coordinator, Community Relations and Publications

Dr. Pam Smith, Principal, Avery ES/Lead Principal, Creekview Innovation Zone
Dr. Susan Zinkil, Principal, Teasley MS/Lead Principal, Cherokee Innovation Zone
Kathleen Chandler, Principal, Johnston ES/Lead Principal, River Ridge Innovation Zone
Cindy Cooper, Principal, Dean Rusk MS/Lead Principal, Sequoyah Innovation Zone
Mark Smith, Principal, Woodstock MS/Lead Principal, Woodstock Innovation Zone
Les Conley, Principal, Oak Grove ES Fine Arts Academy/Lead Principal, Etowah Innovation Zone

Penny Dempsey, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Melissa Whatley, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Cherokee County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices.