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Student Activities

Last Updated: 10/22/2020 1:30 AM


Academic Bowl 

The Academic Bowl is a game of academic competition between students in elementary grades. The games were established in Cherokee County to promote academic excellence. Students in the 5th grade may apply in September. Practices are one hour weekly and the final competition will be a Saturday in April. 

Sponsors - Shelby Reed, Selina Wingard

Contact information: Shelby.Reed@cherokeek12.net


Canvas and Clay -

Sponsor - Molly Mayes

Contact information: Molly.Mayes@cherokeek12.net

Canvas and Clay is a morning art opportunity that Mrs. Mayes offers for Bascomb 5th grade students. Students have the chance to explore art and artists from around the world while trying new and different methods and materials.


CCSD Reading Club 

Sponsors - Pam Morris, Shelby Reed

Contact information: Pamela.Morris@cherokeek12.net

Reading Club is an after-school opportunity for 5th graders that love to read and would like to become experts in reading the details in selected books. Bascomb's face to face club will meet virtually with other CCSD schools each Monday for some friendly competition about the books. Interested students should complete the application and return it to Mrs. Morris or Mrs. Reed by November 5th. 

Reading Club Application 


Friends Club

Sponsors - Dawn Beaham, Melinda Martinez 

Contact information: Dawn.Beaham@cherokeek12.net

In the Friends Club, fifth-grade students assist and spend time with children with special needs. These role models help students with turn-taking, communication, and many other important life skills. Students spend their recess and lunch period one day a week at Friends Club. Interested students may obtain an application from their homeroom teacher and turn it in before the deadline.


Girls Who Code (2nd Semester Only)

Sponsors - Dawn Barrett and Selina Wingard

Contact information: Dawn.Barrett@cherokeek12.net

Girls Who Code is an afterschool program designed to bridge the gender gap for fourth and fifth-grade girls to explore coding and computer science through literature and creative challenges.  Interested fourth and fifth-grade girls should apply when the applications are made available in January.


Junior BETA Club

Sponsor- Bettina Miller and Felicia Berenger

Contact information: Bettina.Miller@cherokeek12.net

The Junior Beta Club’s mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership among elementary school students. This club begins the second quarter of the school year.


Music Makers - (Currently Unavailable)

Sponsor - Jenn Melvin

Contact information: Jenn.Melvin@cherokeek12.net


Paws and Claws Club

Sponsors - Laura Wagner, Sandra West

Contact information: Laura.Wagner@cherokeek12.net

Open to 5th graders only

The Bascomb Paws and Claws Club is open to fifth graders. Our mission is to support the taxpayer-funded Cherokee County Animal Shelter through fundraising, a donation drive, and educating students on the responsibility of pet ownership and the variety of ways to help animals. We will meet on alternating Tuesdays from 2:30-3:15. Club members are encouraged to visit the animal shelter for a tour.


Peer Leaders 

Sponsor - Danielle Mabeus

Contact information: Danielle.Mabeus@cherokeek12.net

Peer leaders is a club for 4th-grade students who set a positive example for others and promote kindness initiatives throughout the school year. The peer leaders will work together to develop ideas for school-wide projects that promote inclusion, teamwork, and kindness and help to assemble the completed projects.

Running Club -

Students in 4th and 5th grade are welcome to join Running Club. We meet after school every Tuesday from October to May from 2:25-3:10. A healthy heart is a happy heart. If you run, you are a runner; it doesn’t matter how fast or how far. One run can change your day, many runs can change your life. Running/walking makes you feel powerful, free, and fearless. Come move with us on Tuesdays! See Coach Cockrell for a permission form.

Sponsors - Ed Koschewa, Barry Stafford, Stephanie Cockrell

Contact information: Edgar.Koschewa@cherokeek12.net


Science Olympiad 

Science Olympiad is a great extracurricular for fourth and fifth-grade students who enjoy science, math, or engineering. 

Sponsors - Judy Eason, Diane Hughes, Tammy Videkovich

Contact information: Judy.Eason@cherokeek12.net


Safety Patrol

Sponsor - Debbie Murnan

Contact information: Debra.Murnan@cherokeek12.net

Students assist other students during morning arrival and help keep the school safe in the hallways, bus arrival area, front entrance, and cafeteria. 


Sprouting Stems Club

Sponsor - Debbie Murnan, Jessica Pals 

Contact information: Debra.Murnan@cherokeek12.net

The Sprouting Stems club is through the Women in Stem club at Etowah High School. The high school girls plan activities with club members once a month at Bascomb in Mrs. Murnan's classroom from 4:00-5:00 p.m. it will begin in November and it is open to all third through fifth graders.


Student Council 

Sponsors - Kim Holstein, Dani Mabeus, Kathy Goins

Contact information: Kim.Holstein@cherokeek12.net

Student Council is comprised of 5th graders who participate and promote not only Bascomb activities but community outreach as well. Student Council candidates possess leadership skills and act as excellent role models for all students. Meetings are once monthly 7:25-7:50 and recycling (part of the student council) is twice monthly at 7:15 am. 


Technology Club

Sponsors - Dawn Barrett and Sonya Turner

Contact information: Dawn.Barrett@cherokeek12.net

Bascomb's Technology Club will introduce fourth and fifth graders to many different types of technology and tools. The focus of this club is on computer coding. 

Click here for details and an electronic application.


Technology Fair 

Sponsors - Dawn Barrett, Sonya Turner

Contact information: Dawn.Barrett@cherokeek12.net

Click on the link below to see categories. Make sure they are applicable to our grade levels.



WBOB-Morning News

Sponsor - Pam Morris 

Contact information: Pamela.Morris@cherokeek12.net

Bascomb’s morning announcements are televised within the school building. Fifth graders are the anchors, camera-person, and teleprompter operators. Students interested must read the application form carefully, and deliver it to Mrs. Morris in the media center. The deadline is noted on the application.  

Click Here for WBOB Application


After School Vendor Programs 

Adams Sports- Basketball



Hip Hop Dance




Front of Flyer

Back of Flyer


Kids Keys - Piano

Front of Flyer

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