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Plastic Grocery Bag Collection

Posted On: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Plastic Grocery Bag Collection

Do plastic bags harm the environment?

When improperly disposed or not recycled, plastic bags become harmful to the environment as litter. With over one billion plastic bags used every day, that equates to about 4 bags for every person in the United States per day. The cost to produce such a quantity is enormous and since both natural gas and petroleum are used to produce these bags, their production uses a large amount of nonrenewable resources. Plastic bags can take many years to degrade and may release toxic chemicals into the soil if they are littered. They also can pose a threat to sea turtles and other marine life that mistake the plastic bags for food. Once the bags are recycled, they are made into lumber, trashcan liners or plastic bags.

We are collecting all clean plastic grocery bags. The class with the most bags collected will win a prize and the bear den with the most bags collected will earn 100 points! Please be sure to clean and dry bags thoroughly before recycling, making sure they are empty of any debris. This is important, since foreign objects will contaminate the plastic as it is being recycled. Please do not include any plastic bags that are dark in color or bags that have handles or drawstrings. 

It would be incredibly helpful if you would sort and stack in groups of ten for easier tabulation!

Thank you in advance for your assistance with our recycling effort. 

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