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Last Updated: 9/29/2021 2:41 PM

Daily Bell Schedule


Attendance FAQ

What are the start and end time of the school day? Instructional time starts at 8:15am and ends at 3:15pm.

What is considered an excused absence? Parent notes stating the student was sick, there was a death in the family, or a family emergency (must be specific), a doctor’s note or a letter from court. If a student is out 3 days or more they, must have a note from a doctor to be excused.

Is my student excused if they check-out of school early? If a student checks-out sick, it is excused. If they check-out for an appointment, they must bring in a note from the doctor, court, etc. to be excused.

My student was absent because they were sick. Why were they marked unexcused?  Students must turn-in to the attendance office an excusable note within 5 days of returning to school to be excused. The note must contain Student name, type of illness, date and parent or doctor signature.

What is the procedure to dismiss my student? Someone from the emergency contact list must come to school with their photo ID and sign the student out. If the student drives, the student may bring a note in to the front office before school starts. We will call the parent/guardian to verify the note, then the student will be able to leave at the designated time.

What is the latest I can check my student out? The last check-out is at 2:45pm.

Are students allowed to leave campus for lunch? Students are not allowed to leave for lunch and parents are not allowed to bring fast food to their student for lunch, per CCSD policy.

What happens if my student leaves campus without permission? The student will be written-up and disciplined for skipping classes and leaving campus, their parking pass will be revoked.

Why would my student get a detention for coming to school late? If a student arrives at school between 8:15am and 8:44am, they will receive a detention unless they check-in sick with a parent note or a doctor’s note. Because CCSD provides transportation for students, the following are not excused: Car trouble, overslept, missed the bus, etc.

If my student leaves campus for a school event, does that count as an absences? No, not if it is an approved school field trip.

Are college campus visits excused? Seniors are allowed two excused absence days their senior year for college visits. Juniors are allowed one excused absence during their junior year for college visits. To be excused they must bring a note from the college on their letter head with the date of the visit.

Item Drop Off

Parent/Guardian must drop off items such as lunch, homework etc., in the front office.  The delivery of fast food products is prohibited.  The repackaging of these items in brown bags, etc., is prohibited.

•Items not picked up by student
•Items lost or missing
•Lunches not picked up

Items are to be picked up between classes or during lunch only.  Students will not be notified by the office unless there is no other way of contacting the student. The student will then be called to the front office between classes only.

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Aspen, also called the Family Portal, is the Cherokee County School District's student and parent information system. Parents and students can login and view students' classes, grades, attendance, teachers' pages, and more. You can register at your child’s school for an account to access Aspen. Parents can set up alerts to be notified via email if your child receives a failing grade, is absent or tardy, or misses an assignment.

Bulletin Board

Instead of distributing hard-copy flyers, CCSD offers this Virtual Community Bulletin Board for posting community activities and events that may be of interest to parents, students and staff.

Bus Info

To view your child's bus route information, please visit the Bus Routes page on the CCSD main website. Please note that bus route information is not available during the summer, but is posted prior to the start of the upcoming school year.


Please see the Etowah High School calendar for EHS events, and some district events. For a full district calendar, please visit the CCSD Calendar on the main website.



Emergency Notifications

CCSD offers an Emergency Notifications system, where parents can receive automated texts, calls or emails regarding CCSD emergency situations. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Emergency Notifications page on the main website.


Most all forms needed for school can be found on the district Forms page. For school-specific forms, please see the EHS Forms page.


The CCSD Student-Parent Handbook can be found on the CCSD Handbook page.


School boundary maps are posted online as a convenience to Cherokee County students and parents. Pursuant to School Board policy, annual boundary focus group hearings are held throughout the school district when new schools are opening and/or student population growth necessitates school boundary changes. Please see PDF files of school boundary maps on the CCSD Maps page.


The Cherokee County School District is pleased to have many partners in education. Partnerships create a year-round relationship that is beneficial to schools and community. Please see the Etowah High School Partners page for more information on our EHS partners in education.


The Cherokee County School District offers several payment options for students' lunch accounts, yearbooks, and more. Please see the school district Payments page for district options, and also the EHS Payments page to view more options for making payments for your student.


2016-17 Etowah High School PTSA info coming soon!

School Improvement Plan

A School Improvement Plan (SIP) is the result of a planning process through which schools set goals for improvement, and then decide how and when those goals will be achieved. The ultimate objective of the process is to improve student achievement levels.

The Cherokee County School District welcomes parents, students and the community to view its school improvement plans.

Please see the Etowah High School SIP on our School Improvement Plan page.