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Ade Lisa Occupational Therapist Support Staff Email
Barner Chad Faculty 8th Grade Email
Bean Janelle Spanish 8th Grade Email
Bertani Yelena Faculty 8th Grade Email
Bigelow Sarah Counselor M-Z All Grades Support Staff Email
Bishop Jonathan Director of Bands Connections Email
Blalock Stan Exploring Technology Connections Email
Bonk Patty Healty/Careers Connections Email
Boyd Tina Principal’s Secretary Support Staff Email
Brewer Jennifer Faculty 6th Grade Email
Bryant Leslie Faculty REP Lit Workshop Email
Buice Becky Parapro Support Instruction Email
Caglioni Rollins Faculty 8th Grade Email
Campbell Jacki Faculty 7th Grade Email
Cargle Alwexis Parapro Support Instruction Email
Chandler Hank Faculty EBD Email
Chapman Mary FACS Connections Email
Collins Sandra School Nutrition Support Staff Email
Cook Allison Faculty 8th Grade Email
Cronan Vicki School Nutrition Support Staff Email
Davis Timothy Faculty 6th Grade Email
Dominy Janet Faculty 7th Grade Email
Dunlap Laura Physical Education Connections Email
Duvall Brad Physical Education Connections Email
Effner Amber Faculty 6th Grade Email
Evans Ryan Faculty 7th Grade Email
Fainter Cassie Faculty ILS Email
Forbes Kaitlin Faculty 7th Grade Email
Freeland Arlene Faculty ESOL Email
Gerker Stacy Faculty 6th Grade Email
Givens Madison Faculty 6th Grade Email
Gluckson Lawrence Administration Assistant Principal Email
Gregory Ansleigh Faculty 6th Grade Email
Grimes Sheila Administration Principal Email
Hahn Allie Faculty 6th Grade Email
Halverson Shannon Faculty 7th Grade Email
Harris Kim Faculty 8th Grade Email
Hawley Cheryl Faculty SLP Email
Herring Kelsi Faculty 7th Grade Email
Hester Kim Faculty 7th Grade Email
Higgins Steve Parapro Support Staff Email
Hoffman Amanda Student Records Facilitator Support Staff Email
Holsomback Leslie Faculty 8th Grade Email
Honkanen Kristen Faculty 6th Grade Email
Howell Gary Head Custodian Support Staff  
Johnson Michelle Chorus Director Connections Email
Jones Misty Faculty 6th Grade Email
Killian Mitzi Faculty 6th Grade Email
Knight Elizabeth Brooke Faculty 8th Grade Email
Lamb Lee Physical Education Connections Email
Lange Roy Faculty 8th Grade Email
Lathem Chelsey Faculty SWD Email
Limes Shane Faculty 7th Grade Email
Lingerfelt Leigh Faculty 7th Grade Email
Loden Lindsay Faculty 6th Grade Email
Lombard Sonya Art Connections Email
McFarland Kathy School Nutrition Support Staff Email
Metcalf Amy Faculty 6th Grade Email
Mickler Todd Business Education Connections Email
Miller Jennifer Faculty 8th Grade Email
Morris Kate Faculty 8th Grade Email
Morgan Katrina Faulty SWD Email
Moss Lauren Counselor A-L All Grades Support Staff Email
Motika Robert Faculty 8th Grade Email
Murray Kimberly School Psychologist Support Staff Email
Nelson Gina Records Support Staff Email
Ngkonchin Candie Faculty 7th Grade Email
Oden Dana School Nurse Support Staff Email
O'Neil Greta Faculty 6th Grade Email
Peebles Erica Parapro Support Staff Email
Pettis Ashley Faculty 6th Grade Email
Pisch Regina Faculty 7th Grade Email
Polhemus Ann-Marie School Secretary Support Staff Email
Potter Anna Beth Parapro Support Instruction Email
Reece Lisa School Nutrition Manager Support Staff Email
Reeck Tim Faculty 6th Grade Email
Richardson Catherine Faculty 7th Grade Email
Robinson Mary Bookkeeper Support Staff Email
Rodriguez Edwin Faculty 8th Grade Email
Rogers Maria Parapro SC Email
Roper Julie Faculty 7th Grade Email
Sams Barbara Assistant School Nutrition Support Staff Email
Santana Steva Faculty 8th Grade Email
Shook Brandi Faculty 6th Grade Email
Slone Manderly Bookkeeper Support Staff Email
Smith Payton Faculty 6th Grade Email
Snook Patti Faculty 7th Grade Email
Stauf Crystal Faculty SC SID Email
Struchtemeyer Amanda Media Center Support Staff Email
Taylor Nick Faculty 8th Grade Email
Terrezza Denise Faculty 7th Grade Email
Thompson Morgan Faculty SWD Email
Townsend Dana Administration Assistant Principal Email
Trammell Debbie Parapro Support Instruction Email
Trayler Lisa Faculty 6th Grade Email
Trull Anna Faculty 8th Grade Email
Welsh Haley Faculty 8th Grade Email
Whitaker Amber Faulty 8th Grade Email
Whitmire Amanda Physical Education Connections Email
Widdess Michelle Faculty 7th Grade Email
Willis Merry Technology Trainer Support Staff Email
Womack Jennifer Faculty 6th Grade Email
Zincone Anna Faculty 7th Grade Email
Zipperer Jessica ISS Support Staff Email