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Student Activities

Last Updated: 10/26/2022 3:06 PM

Student Ambassadors
Sponsors: Mrs. Cheshire, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Wilbanks (5th grade, teacher selected)

Morning News
Sponsor: Mrs. Barrett (5th grade, students' choice)

Academic Bowl Team 
grades 4 & 5 are eligible to tryout
Sponsor: Mrs. Satterfield & Mrs. West

Jr. BETA Club
There are  specific requirement criteria to be met for membership.
Sponsors: Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Garrison, Mrs. Gilleland (4th &5th grades)

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl
Sponsors: Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Holland (4th & 5th, student volunteer)

Science Olympiad Team
Sponsors: Mrs. Power (4th & 5th tryouts)

Sponsor: Mr. Snell (4th & 5th, students' choice)

Sponsor: Ms. Pair (4th & 5th students' choice)

Green Team
Recycling at Free Home, this club is an after school activity. 
Sponsors: Mr. Furstenberg (all grades)

Running Club
Sponsors: Mr.Furstenberg (2nd-5th students who arrive before 7:15 AM may choose to participate)

Garden Club
Mrs. Power & Mrs. Hadarits (2nd & 3rd students' choice)

Math Competition 
4th and 5th graders (students' choice)
Mrs. Gilleland & Mrs. Garrison

Student Council
Ms. Cochran & Mrs. Hagood (4th & 5th student election)

Priority Kids Club
Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Wilkie, Mrs. Wilbanks (2nd - 5th students' choice)

Technology Club
Mrs. Barrett (4th & 5th students' choice)