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Nurse Sharon
Last Updated: 5/1/2019 5:15 PM


Susanna Brooks Susanna Brooks

Mrs. Susanna Brooks

What is my Counselors Job? ·       Works with students, parents, and teachers/administrators ·       Counsels students individually, in small group, and in classroom settings ·       Helps to identify the needs of children ·       Encourages better students relationships ·       Promotes positive attitudes and good choices ·       Coordinates referrals to outside agencies ·       Provides preventive and developmental guidance ·       Response to Intervention ·       Coordinates standardized testing for the school

 How can I see my counselor? ·       Students may refer themselves by asking a teacher ·       Parents may refer their child ·       Teachers/administrators may refer students ·       Counseling is a voluntary and confidential service!


Nurse Sharon

I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years, specializing in pediatrics. Particularly enjoying elementary school nursing, it has been an honor to serve in the clinic at Free Home Elementary for greater than a decade. Being a part of the wonderful “Free Home Family” community, I find it rewarding to interact with the students and their families, and advocating for wellness and prevention. Sharon Sullivan, R.N. Free home Elementary School Nurse 770-721-5960 Nurse Sharon can always use donations for the clinic. If you can send in any of the following, it would be greatly appreciated.

Ginger ale
Bottled water, 8 oz size
Saltine crackers
Kleenex tissues
Dixie cups- 3 oz and 5 oz size
Ziplock bags- sandwich size, quart size, and gallon size
Baby wipes