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Last Updated: 7/28/2017 1:53 AM

PBIS is the acronym for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports.  As a school and community, we will focus on the positive choices our students make daily.  Speaking the same language to encourage students to be prepared to learn, stay safe within their learning environment, follow directions, and show respect to peers and all staff will create a positive, cohesive environment conducive to learning. 

Quality education involves effort in both home and school environments.  Best results are accomplished when we all work together for the good of the children.

Should discipline problems occur:

·         The teacher reminds the student of the class and/or school rules.

·         Consequences such as loss of privilege or time-out in another classroom may result.

·         Notification is made to the parent if the teacher deems it necessary.

·         Continued misbehavior will result in parent notification via phone, email or an in-person conference with the teacher(s).

·         Continued misbehavior will necessitate a visit to the office .

We are committed to providing a school climate that allows students to feel successful.  However, no student has the right to interfere with the rights of other students to learn.  Each student is expected to cooperate with his/her teacher and other students. All students are expected to be familiar with the Cherokee County Student-Parent Handbook.  This document is reviewed with students in a developmentally appropriate manner at the beginning of every school year.  The policies of the Cherokee County Board of Education as they relate to discipline will be followed.