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Special Services

Last Updated: 7/27/2022 1:20 AM

-The media center is equipped with a carefully selected collection of books, kits, media, recordings, pictures, and technology.
Contact Media Specialist: Mrs. Chandler

 -Services are provided as needed in the areas of speech therapy, hearing impairment, vision impairment, learning disabilities, mental impairment, physical handicap, behavior disorders, and hospital/homebound instruction as indicated by a student’s IEP or 504 Plan.
Contact: Ms. Hursey

-Special teachers are provided for music, art, and PE instruction.
Music- Mrs. Peacock
Art- Mrs. Trawick
PE- Coach Philpot

-Special instruction for our gifted students is provided through the AIM program.
Contact AIM Teacher: Mrs. Turco

-RTI is a process of examining a student's needs through research-based interventions.
Contact: Mrs. Walker

-A comprehensive school counseling program is offered at Johnston Elementary.  Our school counselors work with parents, students, staff, and the community to identify and meet student needs. 
Contact Counselor: Mrs. Duley 

-The School Social Worker serves as a school resource person regarding concerns of social functioning and attendance.  This individual makes home visits as needed and acts as a liaison between the school and other agencies.