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26 CCSD Students Advancing to Regional Social Studies Fair!

Posted On: Friday, December 13, 2019

CCSD Social Studies Fair First-Place Winners 2019-20

The Cherokee County School District’s Social Studies Fair saw impressive participation, with 26 first-place winners advancing to the Northwest Regional Social Studies Fair in February!

Through the annual event, students explore social studies in the areas of Sociology/Psychology, History, Anthropology, Economics, Geography and Political Science and complete a research project.  A total of 121 students participated in the CCSD event recently held at Woodstock High School with 89 projects entered in the competition.

“Social studies is a favorite subject of mine, and, having taught it for many years, it’s so exciting to see students engaged and excelling in this field,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said.  “The topics they select always are fascinating, and their research and writing equally impressive.  Congratulations and best wishes as you advance to the next level of competition!”

First-Place Winners

Avery ES: Celia Williams, “How Does Dance Impact Children?”; Finley Howard, “Returning From Service”; Addison Quinn, “Girl Scouts During World War II”

Bascomb ES: Heidi Boudreaux, “Women Heroes of WW II”

Carmel ES: Luke Morawski, “Why Teaching Spanish is ‘Muy Bien’ in Elementary Schools”; Nicholas Sansone, “How Technology Changed the War for Soldiers”

Creekland MS: Huck Wallace, “A Whale of a Tale”; Lilah Lott, “Was Alcatraz Really an Inescapable Prison?”

Creekview HS: Caroline Richardson and Sam Tidd, “How Can Music Influence the Audiences’ Mind?”; Melanie Henderson and Stephanie Henderson. “Are filibusters really beneficial to the process of preventing legislation?”

Dean Rusk MS: Cash Kremer, “The Battle of Stalingrad”; Ben Derman, “Pepsi, is it a military power?”

Freedom MS: Alex Watkins, “Finders Keepers? Who owns aboriginal artifacts?”

Hasty ES Fine Arts Academy: John Palmieri, “Do people know where their tax dollars go?”; Lillianne Cline, “In an age where form letters are king, are handwritten letters worth the time and effort?”

Knox ES STEM Academy: Grace Brake, “What is the average amount of time Americans spend reading each day?”

Mill Creek MS: Caleb Glisson and Ethan Harlow, “This is our Land”; Brooke Stowell, “6 Wonders of the World”

R.M. Moore ES STEM Academy: Maddie Fager and Kinsley Thomas, “Immigration Stations”

River Ridge HS: Isabella Slappy, “The Gender Pay Gap”; Simran Patel, “How have psychological traits helped politicians excel throughout history?”

Sixes ES: Addie Balboa, “Where Did Rottweilers Come From and What Were They Used For?”


Second-Place Winners

Bascomb ES: Abigale May, “Technology in Schools”

Creekland MS: Sabrian Moran, “McCarthyism vs. Salem Witch Trials”

Creekview HS: Alex Teal, Logan LeSueur and Carlos Sanchez, “What are the factors that make climate change an issue?”; Jack Eno and Connor Bell, “To What Extent Should the Government Regulate the Local Video Game Market?”

Dean Rusk MS: William Bailey, “The Fear of Nuclear Weapons”

E.T. Booth MS: Phoenix Caesar, “How Did The Salem Witch Trials Affect Today’s Society?”; Madelyn Bouchard, “How Does Human Trafficking Affect Atlanta?”; Lauren Bryant, “The Masters: Women and Minorities”; Anthony Kahn, “Does The NRA Negatively Affect The Government and Society?”

Indian Knoll ES: Elena Dagostino and Riley May, “How Does Disney World Affect Florida’s Economy?”

Johnston ES: Naomi Cendejas, Tanvi Vallemsetty and Zaria Wells, “How Can Common Things Affect Us?”

Macedonia ES: Leighton Duncan, “How is plastic pollution affecting marine life?”

Mill Creek MS: Vandy Reddish, “Web of Lies”; Sophia Ochoa, “How has the Filming Industry Impacted Georgia’s Economy?”; Maggie Ku and Camila Perez, “How did the Moon Landing Affect Us?”

R.M. Moore ES STEM Academy: Elizabeth Sierra and Ingrid Osorio-Carreno, “Dia De Los Muertos”

Sixes ES: Rebecca Brooks, “Expansion of Sanford Stadium”; Drew Dunlap and Vanessa Virnich, “How Did WWII Improve the World's Technology?” Ryan Holmberg, “What Impact Did WWII Have On the U.S. Economy?”

Teasley MS: Shane Salinskas, “Will the United States Army Corps of Engineers Flood My Town?”

Woodstock HS: Kevin Mitchell, “How Have The 1996 Olympics Influenced Economic and Sport Culture in Atlanta?”


Third-Place Winners

Arnold Mill ES: Allison Overacre, “How does my grandparent’s childhood differ from mine?”

Avery ES: Isaac Mosley, “Video Games’ Effects on Kids”; Graham Bauch, “The Wright Brothers and Aviation in the World Wars”

Bascomb ES: Olivia Dwyer, “Amazing Alcatraz”; Gustavo Strougo, “Georgia’s Hands-Free Law”

Carmel ES: Patrick Flowers, “What is the Effect of Recess on Children?”

Creekview HS: Grace Godwin and Georgia Avery, “What factors elevate stress levels in students today?”

E.T. Booth MS: Andrew Barnett, “Does Our Prison System Work?”; Madison Dodd, “What Are The Other Theories For The Sinking of the Titanic?”; Madison Hall, “How Has Lockheed Martin Affected Georgia?”

Freedom MS: Thaddaeus Brake, “Then and Now: How has stock car racing in the U.S. changed?”

Hasty ES Fine Arts Academy: Eddie Dionisio and Jefferson Martinez, “How are phones both good and bad?”; Henna Gonzalez and Jamie Smathers, “Why can’t I put my phone down?”

Johnston ES: Lauren Appel and Cally Musser, “Social Media: Is it Good or Bad?”

Liberty ES: Hannah Reinhart, “What Was Lincoln’s Impact on the Civil War?”

Mill Creek MS: Penny Brianas and Camryn Hooks, “Run For Shelter: The Rise of Unwanted Animal Population in the USA”

R.M. Moore ES STEM Academy: Scarlett Brown, “Poseidon vs Hephaestus: Greek Mythology”

Woodstock HS: Matthew Duque, “How Has Mexican Immigration Affected the US Economy?”

Woodstock MS: Emma Smith, “How Has Inflation Impacted Retirement Plans?”


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